Seduce yourself

Our 2017 advertising campaign, Seduce yourself, was launched in early May. It is an invitation to take care of yourself and your wellbeing, a continuation of our 2016 campaign, Everything else can wait. The official hashtag of the campaign is #seducitestesso.

Seduce yourself is a brave and challenging invitation to take care of yourself and it blends perfectly with our passion for beauty. After searching among art photographers, we have identified about forty young talents, four of which Italian: Leonardo Fabris, Matteo Lavazza Seranto, Massimo Leardini, and Dennis Ziliotto.

These four professionals provided their vision of seduction. Every shot is numbered to give continuity to a story and preciousness to an exclusive collection. Seduction as an elixir for your body and mind, but also as pleasure, sensuality, charm, and attraction.

Find out more about the photographers of the Seduce yourself campaign. Check out their interviews.

Leonardo Fabris


For Leonardo Fabris, seduction lies in simple things: a gesture or a situation, for example. It's a mental association that hints at the deepest emotions. For the Seduce yourself advertising campaign by Hafro-Geromin, Leonardo has given a dual sense to his shots, which are partly superimposable. On the one hand, seduction is an abstraction from the everyday life. A sort of ecstasy that reflects in the metaphysical atmosphere of the photo with the arch that frames the model. On the other, seduction is naturalness. Experiencing even just for a moment and making those who watch the photo experience a deserted Venice.


Massimo Leardini


Massimo Leardini's images are timeless and make the silence from where he draws his inspiration palpable. Usually, Massimo works with analogue photography, but for the Seduce yourself advertising campaign by Hafro-Geromin, he has chosen digital photography to show his vision of seduction. Seduction becomes intimacy, bonding with a person, the model in this case, is a matter of chemistry. The same intimacy can be found in the forests surrounding Oslo or in cities, but always away from the crowd and stereotypes.


Dennis Ziliotto


Dennis Ziliotto draws his inspiration from a multifaceted imagery that mixes painting, theatre, and cinema. The beauty of his photos lies in the slowness of the old analogue technique, that's why creating an image becomes almost an artistic performance. For the Seduce yourself advertising campaign by Hafro-Geromin, Dennis Ziliotto ha used vintage equipment – an 1870 optical bench with lens system – to provide his idea of seduction. Seduction as the freedom of being yourself or whatever you would like to be and, perhaps, to walk nonchalantly naked en plein air.


Matteo Lavazza Seranto


Photography is a voyeuristic act, a way to spy people and record their emotions. For Seduce yourself by Hafro-Geromin, Matteo Lavazza Seranto has given life to a dream, a surreal dimension – as if it were filtered by memories – starting from Venice, the city he has chosen. In black and white, a collage of surfaces and reflections, an impression rather than an observation. A vision of seduction.